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Behavior Expectations

Respectful, Responsible, Ready-to-learn Behaviors

School Wide Expectations


Students should enter our school with the knowledge that they are responsible for their own behaviors-positive and negative and their consequences.

Students will be responsible for taking care of their own person, materials, and maintaining a safe learning environment.


Paying attention to one’s own actions and mindful of the consequences of intolerance for students who are different academically and socially.

This includes maintaining rules, and keeping the classroom respectful and safe.

Using positive reinforcement when dealing with confrontation.

Ready to Learn

Stakeholders should display a positive outlook concerning the school climate.

Positive thinking=positive results Be prepared and attentive



School Procedures

·       Cafeteria

o   Responsible

1.     Stay seated at all times…if you need something, raise your hand

2.     Students bring what you need, you will not be allowed to return to the classroom…if so, you will be escorted

3.      If you make a mess, you clean it up

4.     Students will be allowed to sit with friends in grade level unless teacher says otherwise or behavior occurs

o   Respectful

1.     Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self

2.     Use good table manners

3.     Use indoor voices and keep conversations at table

4.     Stay in line and be patient

5.     Use nice language

 ·       Hallways 

o   Responsible

1.     Go straight to your designation and back

2.     Pick up litter

3.     Set good example for younger students

o   Respectful

1.     Respect other people’s property and work

·       Bathrooms

o   Responsible

1.     Wash hands

2.     Do your business and leave

3.     Flush the toilet

4.     Throw trash in appropriate receptacles

5.     Report problems to teacher

6.     Use equipment for intended purposes

o   Respectful

1.     Keep facilities clean

2.     Respect other people’s spaces

 ·       Classroom 

o   Responsible

1.     Participate actively

2.     Understand consequences for actions

3.     Complete assignments and homework in a timely manner

4.     Clean up after yourself

o   Respectful

1.     Follow directions

2.     Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self

3.     Treat others as you would want to be treated

4.     Use nice language

o   Ready to Learn

1.     Be prepared

2.     Be attentive

·       Buses

o   Responsible

1.     Listen to driver and follow directions

2.     Wait patiently in line

3.     Use appropriate language

4.     Older students set example for younger students

5.     Keep hands inside the bus

o   Respectful

1.     Keep hands, feet, and other objectives to self

2.     Use indoor voice

 ·       School Grounds 

o   Responsible

1.     Use equipment appropriately

2.     Walk on sidewalks and in building

3.     Stay in assigned areas

o   Respectful

1.     Follow school rules

2.     Show pride

3.     Be positive and use nice language

·       Playgrounds (Teachers make sure to do a head count to make sure that all students are accounted for before leaving the playground)

o   Responsible

1.     Stay in assigned areas…

·       Kindergarten is to use only the Kindergarten or Pre-K (when Pre-K in not playing) playgrounds

·       5th-8th is not to be behind the bleachers or in the woods

2.     Climb up the steps and slide down the slide

3.     Do not climb fences or trees

4.     Stay out of the drain

5.     Do not throw rocks, mulch, leaves, dirt, or sticks

6.     Older students set a good example for younger students

o   Respectful

1.     Use nice language

2.     Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self