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Nolachuckey Library

Welcome to the library at Nolachuckey Elementary School.  We are open each day from 8am-3pm.  We have two annual bookfairs that we hope you will attend.  One is in the spring while the other is in the fall.  We also participate in the Accelerated Reader program.


In the library and within the school we use the Accelerated Reader program.  Each student has an individual reading level that they are given based on their abilities.  The books on the shelves are labeled with colored dots to indicate the AR level that they are.  The color dots and levels are listed below:

0.1-0.9 Red
1.0-1.9 Blue
2.0-2.9 Green
3.0-3.9 Black
4.0-4.9 Orange
5.0-5.9 White
6.0-6.9 Lavender
7.0-7.9 Aqua
8.0-8.9 Salmon
9.0-9.9 Gray
10.0-12 Copper


Nolachuckey Library Card Catalog

This link can be used to access our card catalog in order for you to see what we have available in our library.