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Mission Statement  

The mission of Nolachuckey Elementary School is to provide students with a positive, orderly, learning environment that will enable them to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for future life challenges.   

About The School  

Our Vision For Our Nolachuckey School Students

Our Vision for Our Students 

Students will achieve to their ability level making progress throughout their elementary education experience.  All students will develop strong self concepts, wide knowledge, responsible behavior, and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

  • Our students will:  *Learn to live   *Learn to learn   *Learn to make a living

Purpose Statement

Nolachuckey Elementary School actively promotes student's readiness, responsibility and respect by building a community of safe, respectful, and responsible citizens while implementing a fair, consistent, and positive behavior support plan encouraging students to take ownership of their work and behavior. 


Motto: Arm yourself with the 3 R’S… Be Responsible, Respectful, and Ready to Learn