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Parent Involvement

Parents play a vital role in influencing their children's progress in school. When parents are involved in a students academic and personal life research has shown that students are more likely to:

· Earn higher grades and test scores
· Attend school regularly
· Have better social skills, shows improved behavior, and graduate to go on to post-secondary education

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) makes it clear that Congress expects schools receiving federal funds to ensure that parents are actively involved and knowledgeable about their schools to give parents many different kinds of information and notices. The Parent Involvement Program wants to increase parent involvement at each school by providing activities and programs.

Contact Information:

Greene County Schools
910 West Summer Street
Greeneville, TN 37743
(423) 639-4194

Amber Steele
Parent Involvement Coordinator
(423) 638-1805

Judy Phillips
Federal Programs Director
(423) 639-4194


Are you making the best use of family time?

The start of a new school year is the perfect time to think about how your family time.

1. Do you make time to do things as a family? Try to eat some meals together each week and plan time for family fun.

2. Do you limit the number of after-school activities? Kids need some quiet and unscheduled time each week.

3. Do you have a regular time for studying?

4. Do you set limits on screen time? Kids shouldn't be on the computer or watching TV all the time.

5. Do you make time to go to important school events like teacher conferences?


No Child Left Behind
No Child Left Behind and Greene County School System
Greene County School System receives federal funding under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). All schools receive Federal Funding through individually designed school-wide programs. During the school year, supervisors will provide you with important information regarding the law and the education of your child.

NCLB and the Greene County School System Teachers
NCLB requires that all teachers hired to teach core academic subjects be highly qualified. A highly qualified teacher is one with required teaching certification, a bachelor's degree, and highly qualified in subject area. All Greene County School core academic teachers have demonstrated highly qualified status. Parents and guardians have the right to request information regarding their child's teachers' qualifications. NCLB mandates that all newly hired teachers be highly qualified. Verification of highly qualified status is maintained at the school system central office.

No Child Left Behind requires each state to define Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for school districts and schools within districts. Tennessee has determined a level of achievement that each district and school must obtain to make AYP. Student achievement is based upon our students' scores from the Tennessee Comprehensive Achievement Program Test and other test administered annually in our system. Please consult your school or visit our website for specific and detailed information about their academic progress. This report is also published annually in the local newspaper.

NCLB and Parent Involvement
Under NCLB and Title I, you have the right to be involved in your child's education. The Greene County School System's Parent Involvement policy has been posted on the school system's website and is also placed in each Title I school's office. If you have any questions or comments regarding the parent involvement policy, please contact your school's principal to make an appointment for further discussion.
If you have any additional information about No Child Left Behind or any of the consolidated federal programs in our school system, please call out Central Office at 423-639-4194 to speak with the proper federal program supervisor.