Parent Involvement Plan Doc 2014-2015

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Nolachuckey Elementary School

Parent Involvement Plan



Greene County School System

Parent/Family Involvement Plan



Implementation of this plan is intent on providing in-depth support to ensure understanding and implementation of Federal, State, and local standards for family engagement in the Greene County School System and at Nolachuckey Elementary School.  This plan has been developed by a coordinated effort of representatives from the school staff, community members, and parents. 


  This plan is a living document.  The School Parent Involvement Team will meet in October and March of each school year to review and update this plan to correspond with the detected and assessed needs for engagement of the families and community of Nolachuckey Elementary School. 


I.                   District Technical Assistance and Support


A.    The Nolachuckey School Administration will serve as the technical advisor for the school in all aspects of Family and Community Engagement.  The administrator's responsibilities include the following:

1.      Serve on the Parent Involvement Planning Team.

2.      Attend and participate in the School's Parent Advisory Board.

3.      Schedule on-going and meaningful professional development in family engagement for professional and support staff.

4.      Attend and participate in the school's Parent Teacher Organization meetings.

5.      Assist the school in planning and evaluating the effectiveness of activities.

6.      Maintain school survey data.

7.      Ensure that at least 1% of Title I funds are available for parent involvement.  These funds are used to: purchase student planners to foster student/teacher/parent communication; fund student/parent nights; and fund items used in the parenting fair booth.


B.     The Nolachuckey Parent Involvement Team will guide the following activities:

1.      Coordinating the incorporation of Parent Involvement strategies into the TCSPP and the District Consolidated Plan.

2.      Using the Family Friendly School-District Family Engagement Policy Assessment and Development Rubric as a self Evaluation for federal and state compliance.


II.                Sharing information with parents:


A.      School Parent Involvement Plan-  The School Parent Involvement Plan will be posted on Nolachuckey Elementary School website.  Nolachuckey Elementary School has a student - school - parent compact.  All parents, faculty, and staff will receive a copy of the parent compact.  The parent compact will be posted on the Nolachuckey web page and available upon request to any parent, staff, school official etc. A copy will be provided to the PTO president to share with the members of the PTO.


B.       Student Achievement-  At Nolachuckey Elementary School, grade

reports are issued to parents of students every nine weeks.  Mid-term (4 and a half week) reports are issued to all students.  Parents of students taking the TCAP test will receive the reports of the test as they become available from the state department. 


C.   School Performance- Nolachuckey Elementary School reports the

TCAP scores to the parents through a state report sent to Nolachuckey.  Parents receive a letter from the state department of education detailing test scores.  Reporting of each school's and the District's performance in the TCAP will be published using the following methods:

1.      Local news media

2.      System and state websites

3.      School newsletters

4.      In the event that a school does not make Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), No Child Left Behind guidelines about parent notification will be followed.

Students at Nolachuckey Elementary are highly encouraged and motivated to do their best during the TCAP testing time.


D.  Meetings and Activities - Opportunities for parent participation will be advertised using a combination of the following activities.

1.  Nolachuckey School Newsletter and calendar are sent home at the beginning of each month.  Some teachers also send home a weekly newsletter.

2.  Meetings, announcements, daily announcements and activities are posted on the Nolachuckey School website, which is updated frequently.

3.  Special events are announced on local radio stations and in the newspaper.

4.  Announcements of events, meetings, programs, conferences, and special activities are sent home with students.

5. Community Safe phone messages will be made to parents/guardians to notify them of school events/activities.


E.   Access to Children's Official Records - Board Policy 6.209 directs our schools to provide student records in the following method.  "Parents or guardians shall have the right to receive information contained in school records concerning their minor child. 1 The Board, unless informed otherwise, assumes there are no restrictions regarding the non-custodial parent's right to be kept informed of the student's progress and activities. If restrictions are made relative to the rights of the non-custodial parent, the custodial parent shall be requested to submit a certified copy of the court order which curtails these specific rights."  This policy is accessible on the District's website and a copy is located at each school.


F.  Curriculum, Assessment, and Proficiency Levels

1. The curriculum for each grade level is accessible on both the district and state website.  The curriculum description is reference to Standard Performance Objectives, which are linked to the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP).

2.  Assessments

a. Home information pamphlets are issued to each child before

administration of Tennessee Writing Assessment and before the Achievement Test for elementary students.

b. The Nolachuckey School newsletter and District website advertises upcoming assessments and their content.


3.  The grading system for the Greene County School System is defined in local Board Policy and by the State Board of Education.  This information is made available to parents via Student Handbooks, Newsletters, Report Cards, and on the system/school websites.


III.             Defined programs, activities, and training for the involvement of parents at all schools.


A.    The following are activities performed in parent involvement:

1.      Soon after the start of the school year, the Nolachuckey parents are provided the opportunity to tour the school and meet the faculty and staff during an open house.  In addition each grade will have a grade-level welcoming session, to better acquaint the students with the routines and procedures of each grade.

2.      Nolachuckey parents are provided an opportunity for three (3) scheduled parent-teacher conferences throughout the year.  Nolachuckey personnel respond to parents needs in meetings at anytime convenient to the parent/family member.

3.      Nolachuckey personnel assist and participate in the formation and operation of a parent teacher organization.

4.      Nolachuckey has an active parent advisory committee, which meets at least quarterly with the school administration.


B.     Parents are provided with packet information that will include at least the following:

1.      School year calendar and a Nolachuckey monthly calendar

2.      Student discipline policy adopted by the Greene County Board of Education

3.      Homework policy adopted by the Greene County Board of Education

4.      Attendance policy adopted by the Greene County Board of Education

5.      Grading scale adopted by the Greene County Board of Education

6.      No Child Left Behind required notifications:

a.       Title I eligibility information provided to Nolachuckey parents at open house and in a pamphlet provided by the Greene County School System.

b.      Adequate Yearly Progress status provided to Nolachuckey parents at parent teacher conferences and on state created grade cards.

c.       Rights of parents to request information on teacher qualifications from the Nolachuckey School administration and the Greene County School Office.

d.      Right to exclude access of student records from Military Recruiters.


C.     The Nolachuckey Administration will support the available training activities from Greene County for the following subjects:

1.      Training for school leadership teams for implementation of No Child Left Behind requirements in Parent Involvement.

2.      Strategies for involving parents in Parent-Teacher organizations.

3.      Strategies for involving parents in Nolachuckey for the school staff (in-service and staff development).

4.      East Tennessee Title I Conference slots are available for school staff members.


D.    Nolachuckey is a participant in the annual Greeneville/Greene County Parenting Fair.


IV.             The following strategies are listed to improve homework, attendance and discipline.


A.    Homework

1.   Tutoring programs available through extended contract.

2.   Nolachuckey offers homework tips in the parent newsletters.

3.      The school's parent newsletter is available on the school's web site.

4.   Parent/Teacher e-mail about homework.

5.   Nolachuckey's teachers send home notes/letters to parents.

6.      Personal contact is made by Nolachuckey's teachers or parents.

7.      Nolachuckey's teachers will have Parent/Teacher conferences as requested.


B.     Attendance

1.  Explicit attendance policy requires parent contact upon absence.

2.  System Intervention Specialist works closely with Nolachuckey School in matters of attendance and parent notification.

3.  Five and Ten day letters are sent home to encourage and inform parents of students with excessive absences.

4.  To recognize students with perfect attendance for the entire school year here at Nolachuckey, the school will provide an award for each qualifying student.


C.   Discipline

1.  Nolachuckey Elementary follows Greene County School Board              Discipline Policy.  The policy is available for review in student folders, on line web page and a copy is maintained in school office.

2.   Alternative school is available as a resource for students with discipline problems to allow them to remain in school. In addition Nolachuckey has In-school Suspension, to allow students to remain on-site and learning.  The school also offers an after-school detention program to limit out of class punishment.

3.  Nolachuckey teachers provide a reward system for good behavior in individual classrooms. 

4.  Nolachuckey uses CHARACTER COUNTS! as its character education model.


V.                Procedures for parents to learn about the course of study for their children and have access to learning materials.


A.    Nolachuckey and the PTO sponsor an Open House, Family Reading Night, and Grade-Level welcoming sessions.  Parents are invited to participate in these events.  The school also offers family reading nights to encourage parents to read with their children.


B.     All elementary curriculum standards are maintained on the system



C.     Nolachuckey School teachers use parent contacts of all types to share

information about the course of study for students.


D.    Information is available on line about student requirements for the

Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP).


VI.             Accessibility to the Nolachuckey Parent Involvement Plan.


A.    Every effort will be made to help parents with limited English, disabilities

and migrants to insure they have access to the Nolachuckey Parent Involvement Plan and school performance report written in an understandable format.  The special accommodations needed for these occasions will be addressed as needed on a case by case method.