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Parent Involvement Plan

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Nolachuckey Elementary School

Parent Involvement Plan

Greene County School System

Parent/Family Involvement Plan 2017-18


 Nolachuckey School has jointly developed this Parent Involvement Plan to provide support for ensuring that all stakeholders involved with our school fully understand and implement federal, state, and local standards for education and family engagement.
A School-Parent Compact has been developed jointly between parents and school staff. This compact outlines how parents, school staff, and students will share responsibility for improving student achievement by entering into a partnership to help children achieve the state's high standards.
This is a living document and will change continuously based on the current needs of our school. The Parent Involvement Plan team is comprised of parents, administrators, teachers and parents and will meet each fall and spring to review and update the plan.
Nolachuckey School will also have parents on a Parent Advisory Committee that will meet four times per year via email communication or scheduled meetings to address the concerns of parents. The committee representatives will then meet with the Director of Greene County Schools on a regular basis to address these concerns.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Nolachuckey School will have an annual Open House at the beginning of each school year in which all parents/guardians will be urged to attend. Parents will be encouraged to be involved with their child's education and they will meet with the teachers and listen to information about class scheduling and curriculum. Grade level meetings will take place during the Open House to ensure that parents understand the expectations and events that will happen at each grade level. Mrs. Brooks informs parents of her role as the administrator of a Title 1 school. She will also inform them of the monthly newsletter, calendar, school website, and Community Safe communication system. She will also distribute helpful parent information. The annual Parenting Fair for the year will be announced.
There will be many opportunities for parents to meet with teachers during the regular school year. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled after every grading period and take place between the hours of 3:15-5:15. Teachers will be available every school day during their planning period for parent conferences and also after school or before school if prior arrangements are made. Teachers will also attend Parent Teacher Support Organization meetings.

Nolachuckey School currently has involved parents and community members assisting in such tasks as the development of the school improvement plan (SIP). Mosheim School stakeholders prepared the SIP to aid in promoting high expectations and academic strategies for the students. The plan is reviewed each spring to assess the current academic needs of the school.
Nolachuckey School is a Bully Free school and follows Greene County School Board Policy and Procedures on students found guilty of bullying behavior. The bullying policy is outlined in student planners that are provided for each student at the beginning of each school year.
Nolachuckey School has a parent organization that is focused on the academic and athletic needs of our school. Elected parent officers and teachers will meet monthly (second Tuesday of each month @ 6:30) in a short "board" meeting before the larger public meeting at 7:00 PM. The name of the parent organization is the Nolachuckey School PTO. The band parents will meet monthly with appropriate school staff in a cooperative effort to determine the needs of a successful band program. The Band Boosters meet at West Greene high school.
Nolachuckey School will ensure that parents are informed of school information in a timely manner by utilizing the following resources:
Teacher/club newsletters will be sent home on an as needed basis.
Parents will receive a monthly newsletter and calendar from the office of school administration.
The school website will be kept up-to-date and will include calendars and important information.
The school marquee will be kept-up to date with listings of upcoming events.
Local media will be kept informed on activities at the school.
The Community Safe phone system will be utilized to inform parents of important information.
Absentee phone calls will be made on a daily basis.
Open House/Grade Level Meetings/Parent Teacher Conferences/PTSO meetings/Parent Advisory
The curriculum for each grade will be accessible on both the district and state website.
Tennessee Writing Assessment information is sent home in the form of a pamphlet prior to testing.
TCAP Assessment information is sent home in the form of pamphlets and newsletter articles.
Assessment scores are provided to students and parents as soon as they are made available.
The school newsletters will advertise upcoming assessments and their content.
The grading system for the Greene County School System is defined in local Board policy and by the State Board of Education. This information will be made available to parents via the Nolachuckey School school handbook, school newsletter, report cards, and on the system/school website.
Report Cards and Interim Reports

School - Parent Compact

Nolachuckey School has collaboratively developed a compact. Each child has a school-parent compact on file in the school administrator's office.

The compact will provide a description of the school's responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment where students are meeting the academic standards for the state and the nation.
School staff will strive to provide opportunities for ongoing communication between parents and teachers through the following channels: parent-teacher conferences, frequent progress reports (not limited to the Interim and Grade Card reports), opportunities for parent involvement, and accessibility.
The school staff will provide high-quality instruction, necessary learning materials and opportunities to assist parents' understanding of academic achievement standards.
The school staff will also provide a safe learning environment where the school safety plan is available at all times, the entrances are always secure, and all GCS employees wear identification badges. Visitors are required to sign in at the office and a log is kept. All visitors must wear a badge or sticker indicating that they are visiting. A resource officer is available and shared with South Greene High school.

The compact will outline the parent's responsibilities as well. In order to support their child's education, parents will be responsible for the following things: providing for the physical needs of the child, compiling with attendance laws and procedures, preparing the child emotionally and socially to be receptive to learning, encouraging study habits at home, checking for communication from the school, monitoring television watching, computer usage and cell phone usage, participating in parent teacher conferences when warranted, volunteering at school functions when time permits, and developing a communicative relationship between teacher and parent.

The compact stresses the importance of communication between parents and teachers on an ongoing basis through many types of communication.


Monthly Newsletters and Calendars
School Website
Social Media Outlets (Twitter and Facebook)
Various Phone and Email Communications
Various Personal Communications via Meetings
Various Progress Reports
Student Folders and Planners

Parents will be invited to participate in many aspects of their child's education.


PTO/Band Booster Meetings/Academic Booster
Parent Advisory Meetings
Community Events
Academic/Athletic Support

Nolachuckey School had made a written school level parent involvement plan available to parents. The plan will be posted on the school's website and copies will be available at the school office. The PTO president will be provided with a copy to share with all the members as well as the Parent Advisory Committee.

Parents and the community will be notified about the written the plan via newsletter information, school handbook, school website, and Spanish copies will be made available to those parents not able to speak or read the English language.

The plan will be updated as needed to meet the changing needs of our students. The Parent Advisory Committee (meeting 4 times per year) will be involved in the development of the plan and will meet in the spring to determine needed changes.

The plan has been submitted for parent comments and approved by the parents involved in its development. The plan was approved at a fall (October) PTO meeting.

The plan has provided assistance to parents in understanding academic achievement. Open House will be held the first month of school for parents to learn more about the expectations for their child. Each grade level team will hold a grade level meeting to more specifically discuss their requirements.
Student handbooks will be presented to every student to assist in the organizational process and to also serve as a communication tool between teacher and parent.
Parents will be trained on how to interpret TCAP scores during PTO meetings.

Nolachuckey School provides materials and training for parents to help improve student achievement. The website provides links for parents to assist their child with homework and parent newsletters keep them informed of school activities. The newsletters also provide parenting tips as well as homework information. A county-wide parenting fail is always held in the spring of each year to assist with distributing information to parents.
Training activities will be available from the district for the faculty and staff to ensure they are able to communicate with and work with parents as equal partners. The district provides ongoing training about the requirements of NCLB monitoring and developing parent involvement plans. School level training also takes place informally on a regular basis.

Parent involvement programs and activities are integrated with the school. Opportunities are readily available through the PTSO, Parent Advisory Board, and Band Booster programs. The Grandparent volunteer program assists with this aspect of the plan. We have one full time volunteer at this time. Our system also provides outreach services for those parents needing literacy improvement.

Parents of Nolachuckey School students are provided information related to school and parent programs and meetings through several different channels that make it easy for them to stay informed. Monthly Newsletters and Calendars, Various Websites, Various Phone and Email Communications, Various Personal Communications via Meetings, Various Progress Reports, Student Folders and Planners all assist with keeping parents informed.

The school supports parents in a variety of ways. After-school tutoring is offered for all grade levels to assist with academic achievement of students. The website lists all teachers email addresses and also some classes display homework information.

Our School provides full opportunities for participation for all students. Every effort will be made to assist parents with limited English capabilities, disabilities, and migrants to ensure they have access to our parenting plan. They will also be provided assistance in the area of school information, performance reports and other special accommodations will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.