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  Nolachuckey Elementary School

 565 Nolichuckey Road   Greeneville, TN  37743

 423-639-7731/Fax  423-798-2659

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  Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your student, so we will be able to mail grade cards this year,


Kindergarten Registration Information

see "Highlights" link on the left.


Online Registration

Once again we will be doing online registration starting May 1st  -  May 18th and then July 16th  -  August 10.  All current students must complete registration online.  No paper forms will be sent home at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.    A letter with login and password information was  sent home with your students interim.   If you have lost or forgot your password, call the office and we will be able to reset the password.    




 Hey, Kids!  Join a Club!  

4-H,  Boys and Girls Scouts, Builders Club, and now...FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes! 

South Greene Band Website

  Any information that you may need regarding our band program may be found on this site. This will include a calendar of events, news, photos, the band handbook and other important documents. 


Our Vision for Our Students

Students will achieve to their ability level making progress throughout their elementary education experience.  All students will develop strong self concepts, wide knowledge, responsible behavior, and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.    

Our Students will:  * Learn to live  *Learn to learn   *Learn to make a living

Purpose Statement

Nolachuckey School actively promotes students' readiness, responsibility, and respect by building a community of safe, respectful and responsible citizens while implementing a fair, consistent, and positive behavior support plan encouraging students to take ownership of their work and behavior.


Arm yourself with the 3 R’S… Be Responsible, Respectful, and Ready to Learn  


 MORNING:   During the morning drop-off time, please remember that it is state law to stop for the Pre-K bus when the red blinking stop sign is extended. I know this backs up drop-off traffic so I am trying to be out there to allow cars to pass on the other side of the drive. Please just be mindful of this law and stop until you see me motion that it is clear or until the stop sign is disengaged.

AFTERNOON:  Any student that is a pick-up in the afternoon will be given a "CAR TAG" with their name and possibly with their siblings' names. Parents, PLEASE place this card on the DASH of your car for afternoon pick-up. This will speed up our process and keep students' safety at a maximum. If you did not receive a card, you have either not been cleared through the office or it was misplaced before it got to you. If this is the case, please call our office and speak to Ms. Tammy or Ms. Rhonda for assistance. Thank you for helping keep our students safe!! 









565 Nolichuckey Road

Greeneville, TN  37743

School    (423) 639-7731

Fax         (423) 798-2659