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Children are the most wonderful treasure that one can have. We strive in our classroom to treasure these children and to help them learn and be prepared to be successful in Kindergarten. When a child is nurtured and encouraged they will achieve the impossible! We try to always encourage our students and push them to achieve more. We are excited about this school year and the successes it will bring!

In our classroom, we have Monday folders. In these folders, you will find a behavior sheet, newsletters containing the information that you need to know, and homework. Things on the LEFT side of the folder need to be LEFT at home, and things on the RIGHT side of the folder need to be signed and brought RIGHT back. I will send home the homework each Monday, and it will need to be completed and brought back by Friday. When it is returned and completed, students receive stickers for their hard work. This helps them to develop responsibility and helps to prepare them for Kindergarten.